Dragracingphotos.com (DRP) is an online photo album that showcases images of Top Fuel Dragsters and Nitro Funny Cars at NHRA National Events. DRP is not a business, and is not in the business of selling photos of drivers,race teams, or their vehicles. Rather, DRP is a personal collection of drag racing photographs that have been placed on the Internet for the enjoyment of others, and personal expression of the photgraphers. There are no special press credentials or special access circumstances going on here. All of these photos were taken from a fan's perspective. Many of the photos - arguably some of the better ones -were taken from general admission areas.
This photo history begins in March 1997 and progresses until the present time. New photos find their way onto the site as more races are visited each racing season and time goes by.
There are websites on the Internet that do a great job of depicting the classic race teams of the 1960's and 1970's. It is easy to forget that the race teams,cars,and drivers we see today will gradually fade into the vintage past. It is hoped that DRP, like the classic 60's and 70's drag racing photo sites, will help preserve the memory of today's race teams, drivers, and their cars.
The imagery on DRP are the intellectual property of DRP and it's author, and photographers.